Ways of Change – an ethical fashion brand

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a hut on the Thailand Burma border? Well, fashion co-founder Cara Boccieri lives in a candlelit bamboo hut in that region while trying to change the world one jewelry at a time.


Co-founders WoC


Ways of Change (WoC) is a social enterprise founded by Cara Boccieri and Lauren Baird. Their jewelry is ethically handmade by Kayan refugees from Burma. Cara has been working and living with them for several years, and this collaboration was a logical step forward.

“In working with refugees, I see people who are actively seeking peace and positive change in their lives. This resonates with me. I work towards continuing to cultivate a space where a life based on these values can thrive and be shared with our global community.” –Cara Boccieri

WoC beliefs that entrepreneurial training will provide a stepping stone for refugees to share their skills with the world. WoC works with these artisans to establish and grow their enterprises, from which WoC buys directly.

Ga Na Tay Collection

Cara, the woman on the ground, uses her community development background to co-create community projects focused on empowerment and sustainable living. These projects are funded by the WoC sales. So as mentioned before, they are changing the world one jewelry [or bag] at a time!

“You can make a difference not only in knowing where your product is coming from but buying something that has a story and a story that you then want to then share with others, creating a conscious community.” –Lauren Baird, Creative Director Ways of Change

By the power of your purchase, you’re empowering refugees and thus creating a positive impact among these artisans who are working to sustain traditional skills. What’s more, these unique jewelry pieces come from sustainably sourced materials.


Now let’s get back to that candlelit bamboo hut… if you’re curious you can find out more about Cara’s life on the ground on Sunday march 26. Dutch celebrity, and tv-host Floortje Dessing, visits Cara in Thailand. Broadcasted by NPO here. It’s Holland’s most famous travel program.  #NaarHetEindeVanDeWereld

If you want to read more on Ways of Change, check out their website!