Product Care

FerWay Designs works together with brands that design and produce ethical fashion accessories.

Considering that these products are handmade, and consist of various materials, we decided to share a bit on product care.



Some jewellery consists of recycled paper beads. These beads are layer coated with a material that keeps the paper intact. Nevertheless, it is not 100% waterproof. Meaning you shouldn’t go swimming with it.
Another brand works with found objects, that range from stone, glass to wood. These unique items are sturdy enough for normal wear and use, but depending on the material, they can be considered delicate.
Regarding silver, precious metals and gemstones, we advice to clean them every so often. Though great care has to be taken with certain gemstones. Soon we will share more advice on how to clean your jewellery without harsh chemicals, as to maintain the sparkle without the environmental impact.



Many of our brands work with leather, which is a sturdy and durable material. Yet, some advice is needed on how to store or use your lovely bags, wallets, accessories. We don’t spray beforehand any of our products, meaning we advice you to consider the product’s material and wear. Some people prefer to spray their leather products with a transparent coating, that keeps dirt and water away. Others prefer the natural look leather acquires with normal usage. The choice is yours.


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