C Valentina – the Brand [video]


C Valentina is a Managua based fashion brand that transforms plastic packaging into bags, clutches and backpacks. The plastic used is 100% recycled and comes from all kinds of packaging such as snacks or print paper. It’s very strong and durable, and they trim their bags with leather. C Valentina has a strong focus on women empowerment, and therefore works with single mothers providing them with a fair income.

In this video you see Rosibel Cruz, the owner and designer behind the C Valentina brand. She’s married and has two kids, showcasing that you can be both a successful businesswomen and a mother. That’s why she works closely with single mothers, making C Valentina a women driven business. C Valentina has its own boutique at the Managua International Airport, and you can find it at other boutiques throughout the country, such as Codigo 505 located in San Juan Del Sur; a boutique that only sells Nicaraguan designs.

Within the next couple of weeks I will be sharing more in-depth profiles on the designers behind these amazing handmade products. So stay tuned!

Fair is the way