Spring is around the corner

Though the weather outside may give a different impression, spring is around the corner! This is especially true for Ferway, considering that this month has been packed with many great achievements and updates for this upcoming year.

One of these achievements was our first anniversary, which I celebrated in Nicaragua in the company of many designers, friends, and family. The joy of having reached this small yet impactful step was amazing. True, it hasn’t always been easy but that’s part of the process of starting a company.

Another great achievement was the inclusion of our webshop as a “Flavourites” website, a very proud moment! Flavourites.nl is an online webshop curator, showcasing the coolest and most original webshops in the Dutch and Flemish market. What’s more, Ferway Designs will also be present at the Flavourites Live Event this fall in Amsterdam. 150 webshops will go Live for three days in November, providing an opportunity for consumers and media alike to meet and greet the products behind these webshops.

Talking about live moments, we’ll also be “live” this spring and summer at many local markets. Our first event will be the Home Made Easter Market on the Lange Voorhout in the Hague (March 26-28). So if you find yourself close, do come and visit!