About Ferway Designs and our vision

Fair is the way


FerWay Designs provides ethical fashion brands  an online platform. These brands make fashion accessories that are designed and handcrafted under fair working conditions while maintaining environmental respect.

Our vision is “to make ethical the standard within the fashion industry,” a far from modest goal in which we showcase the world that ethics and fashion can go hand in hand.

Fernando Argüello

Fernando (The Hague, 1988) is the founder and creative director behind FerWay Designs. His passion for ethical fashion erupted after watching the Bitter Seeds documentary on GMO cottonseeds. This led to pursue his career in an impactful way, combining his communication background, with a master’s in social entrepreneurship, and currently pursuing a fashion design degree at ESMOD.


FerWay Designs avails itself by working together with high quality fashion brands from Nicaragua. These Nica brands produce fashion accessories with a strong focus on detail and quality finishes, making these products last longer. What’s more, our brands are handmade, making them limited in production. Some designs, such as Karla Castillo, are sometimes unique pieces that the designer only made once making them truly one-of-a-kind!

Detail Quality C Valentia

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Impact fashion

FerWay Designs hopes to achieve the goal of making “ethical the standard within the fashion industry” and though we are [still] small, we hope to achieve this through our modest contribution. Fernando, the founder and owner, visits all production sites and whenever possible, also the brand’s suppliers, such as leather tanneries and packaging suppliers. FerWay’s focus is on showing the world that fashion and ethic’s can go hand-in-hand, and by working with these fair  brands, we hope to prove this. Moreover, Ferway Designs not only empowers local artisans, but also, local design talent. This is quite uncommon considering the world nowadays designs in the Global North and produces in the Global South.